Permadeath is an upcoming videogame opera created in collaboration with Friends of Madame White and Becker College. A team of RISD students were in charge of the visual development based on the libretto. In the opera, classical Greek gods have become video game avatars for human players as they struggle to remain relevant in modern times. The opera deals with themes of cycles and repetition, old meeting new, and the merging of the real and virtual worlds. Please visit ArtStation to see the project in full!



Scene 6: the night before the battle

Scene 6 is the penultimate scene. The avatar-gods on teams Phoebus and Nyx reflect on their place in the modern world and the stakes of the upcoming battle as they gaze across the wasteland, littered with mechanical remains, at the opposing team's stronghold.


phoebus temple design

Team Phoebus is the team of the sun. As such, their temple was designed with that in mind, with circular forms and radial symmetry. The technological elements (the energy cores in columns, the central portal, the glowing lines) reflect the gods' attempts to keep up with the times. However, their increasing irrelevance is also evident in the crumbling structure.

(In collaboration with Maria Jose Esquivel.)




Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure. She is vain and temperamental. She is one of the antagonists on Team Nyx.


Aphrodite manipulates mirror shards, symbolic of her vanity and manipulative nature, to attack and defend. (In collaboration with Maria Jose Esquivel.)


Early Sketches

Some early concepts for Aphrodite's design.